My workshops give you the opportunity to learn methods for embracing and unveiling what really matters to you, and how doubling down on your values can build more creative and meaningful businesses (and professions) for ourselves AND the greater whole.


2019 workshop locations released January 1, 2019


Together, we will learn how doubling down on our values can improve our bottom lines, the works we create, the relationships we build and sustain with our customers and, through it all, how to become better leaders.


People everywhere can feel how fast things are changing right now. Creative businesses are driving as well as being impacted by the chaos of non-stop innovation, disruption and change. Entrepreneurs are presented with unique challenges and opportunities, as a result: it’s possible to weather the storm and emerge on the other side doing better for our environment, our communities, our customers and ourselves—simultaneously.  

This day long workshop will be 3 parts, each with a lecture and group exercise:

Pattern Break - Activate & Engage Your Consumer Audience: Building a strong audience through activating and engaging qualitative & quantitative information within your business & creativity.

Killing it w/ Kindness - Learning Your Leadership Style: Empowering yourself, your staff & your business through honing your mode of operating, both inside AND outside the studio.

Altruism in Design & Business - Build More Purposeful Processes: Aligning your creative & business practices & your values w/ a holistic approach to sustainability.


We'll learn:

  • Methods for embracing/unveiling what really matters to us—as humans AND creative professionals—as well as what hurts us/hinders us from moving more fully into our sweet spots.

  • Collectively, we will support each other in creating/exploring [new] pathways forward, in an effort to become stronger leaders for ourselves and those we work with.

  • Learn how to be more fulfilled creative professionals, who use their powers for the greater good AND we will get inspired to think and question our motives, as well as our modes of operating - creatively, professionally and personally..


In a series of intensive, day-long workshops, small-and large-scale entrepreneurs & creatives of all kinds will have the opportunity to get even more activated and engaged, collectively.   

This workshop is an explorational one, and the programming is quite literally in service of - helping us all to lean into a more expansive, honest and understanding mode of managing ourselves, our expectation and how we interact with the world.




The belief in, or practice of the principle and moral concern for happiness of other human beings, resulting in a quality of life both material and spiritual.

Altruism may become a synonym of selflessness which is the opposite of selfishness. It is a process of focusing both on the single people and the whole community.


noun: deep respect for someone or something.

verb: regard or treat with deep respect.