People everywhere can feel how fast things are changing right now. Creative businesses are driving as well as being impacted by the chaos of non-stop innovation, disruption and change. Entrepreneurs are presented with unique challenges and opportunities, as a result: it’s possible to weather the storm and emerge on the other side doing better for our environment, our communities, our customers and ourselves—simultaneously.   

Jones seeks to lead this charge by connecting face-to-face with creative leaders across the US and Canada. In a series of intensive, day-long workshops, small- and large-scale entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to get even more activated and engaged.

Creatives will learn how doubling down on their values can improve bottom lines, what customers really want from messaging and product and, through it all, how to become better leaders.   


Altruism by Design

Workshop Tour

The day long workshop will be 3 parts -

Pattern Break - Activate & Engage Your Consumer Audience: Building a strong audience through activating and engaging qualitative & quantitative information within your business & creativity.

  1. Part 1: Lecture

  2. Part 2: Group Exercise

Killing it w/ Kindness - Learning Your Leadership Style:   Empowering yourself, your staff & your business through honing your mode of operating, both inside AND outside the studio.

  1. Part 1: Lecture

  2. Part 2: Group Exercise

Altruism in Design & Business - Build More Purposeful Processes: Aligning your creative & business practices & your values w/ a holistic approach to sustainability

  1. Part 2: Group Exercise

  2. Part 1: Lecture

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