Invested Engagements are built on regular, recurring advisor-ship sessions. We will focus on identifying what’s holding you & your organization back, through harnessing your capacity to envision and realize the transitions necessary for deep change, and fully purpose-driven modes of operating.

Critical Conversations are one-on-one consultation sessions, available à la carte. Together, we will examine a specific tactical circumstance you’re struggling with that needs immediate attention. The goal is to redesign AND realign how it’s possible to operate at this very moment and in the future.

Our agency is deeply rooted in rigorous thought. We help businesses align their vision for the future through encouraging a more strategic approach to taking decisions–aesthetic as much as operational–through encouraging a purpose-driven approach to work (yours and ours).


connectivity: invested engagements

option 1 - Professional Growth | option 2 - Business Advisorship

Gretchen Jones

Together we will take a 360° look at your mode of operating, helping you figure what you hope to accomplish, and then how to sustainably integrate that throughout every facet of your work or business. And, we will evaluate and identify how to move from where you’re currently operating to where you want to be working and living.

Our goal is to build a purpose-driven roadmap that gets you to better alignment with yourself, how you’re perceived, and how you give back to your community through your profession and/or business.


We meet regularly, virtually—or in person if you’re in NYC—for ninety minute sessions to accomplish goals established prior to our partnership. This series is about getting our hands dirty, and, if necessary, burning shit down to better understand how to build back up in a more aligned, more meaningful manner.

PS: I offer a short, initial complimentary phone call to make sure we’re a fit before embarking on an Invested Engagement.

  • Initial three month series — One session per week (12 total)

  • Appointments are pre-scheduled (including time of day/day of the week) in advance on a monthly basis.

  • After your initial three month series, ongoing engagement is available in a myriad of ways.


critical conversations: a la carte interactions

Critical Conversations are one-off, one-on-one consultation sessions. This offering is for people at any point in their career—or circumstances—who need a check-in to succinctly evaluate their situation or position.


These appointments are approached with immediacy in mind.

Clarity, strategy, and truth-telling is what you’ll get—We will set our intentions towards evaluating and realigning your priorities to better manage the circumstances you find yourself in right now, aiming to create the change you seek - one step at a time.

These talks are meant to explore anything from the unsophisticated and sloppy side of our positions/businesses to defining the necessary benchmarks for building a roadmap to success.

book critical conversations as you need - we meet virtually via phone/facetime/skype.