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Together, we'll create the tools you need to build the mission-driven business/ profession/life you want... or are already working towards.

Connectivity Partnerships are special. Think of me as a ‘business/profession nutritionist,’ taking a 360° look at your mode of operating to help you figure what you hope to accomplish and then start to shape out how to sustainably integrate that throughout every facet of your work or business. And, realistically… we will evaluate and engage each other in the process of identifying how to move from where you currently operate (including spiritually) to where you want to be operating and working.

Together we’ll identify those deep feels pain points and the yummy opportunities already sitting in front of you. The goal here is to build a purpose-driven roadmap that gets you to better alignment with yourself, how you’re perceived, and how you give back to your community through the work you create.

P.S. I offer a short, initial complimentary phone call to make sure we’re a fit.

DIVE IN: We’ll dig deep (on the regular) and find the answers you need to tough questions like:

  • What really matters to you?

  • What is your work in service of?

  • Are you surrounding yourself with resources and people who get your dream/vision? And are they ready to invest in you?



We meet weekly, virtually—or in person if you’re in NYC—for ninety minutes to accomplish goals established prior to our partnership. This series is about getting down and dirty, and if necessary burning it down to better understand how to build back up in a more aligned, more meaningful manner.

  • Rates upon request. Connectivity Partnerships are available in 3 or 6 months packages.

**All appointments are pre-scheduled (including time of day/day of the week) in advance on a monthly basis. Payment is accepted in 3 monthly installments**

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This engagement is based on continual support, expertise and guidance.

I LOVE to partner with people and businesses who create the lines they want to color in, going against the grain and disrupting the norms—because that's where magic happens for all of us! We will work together to help you prioritize and make hard decisions in service of better aligning yourself and your business/professional practices with the life you want to be living, as well as reflecting on how these choices impact the world around you. With integrity and transparent collaboration—and plenty of sterling conversation—we’ll build out a roadmap that truly serves as a paradigm shift for how your approach who you are, what you create and how you work.

When you have weak leadership or vision, don’t understand your core values, or prioritize profitability over the health of your business you lose money and lose sight of your long-term viability. I will integrate myself into your creative practice and/or business as a mechanism for change, assessing big-picture issues like holistic sustainability and longevity on a personal AND professional scale.

In essence, together we'll repair, rethink, reexamine, readdress, redesign, evolve the way you approach your business AND creative medium or goals, in order to allow yourself to create the change you seek!


GET HEADY: This audit and exploration is full-on.

Our efforts will literally evolve the way you operate and think about your business.



When working in this scope, I invest and engage in an intimate, meaningful, and long-term manner. This allows me to work in service of both our higher selves, as well as our businesses. Being selective as to which clients I work with in this fashion is vital.

Please apply for an interview to be considered.