Critical Conversations can span from micro to macro issues, and might include re-aligning business goals to sync with your personal values or getting the most out of your unique aesthetic point of view, amongst many other topics. Gretchen believes in creativity as a vehicle for altruism, and loves digging into the topics that really matter to makers, creatives and business leaders.


CRITICAL CONVERSATIONS area guided process towards self actualization and behavioral change for you AND your business!

Sessions involve on and offline interactions w/ gJ totaling 3 hours of engagement, including a 1 hr [remote] consult. 

Rate = $300. 

  • Step One - You will be sent via email an in depth questionnaire that helps us both to understand where you and your business is at - answers expected no later than 24 hrs before our phone consult.
  • Step Two - Involves gJ reviewing your questionnaire and creating a dialogue guide for our call. Each client receives my commentary in response to your answers to reflect on indefinitely prior to our call.
  • Step Three - Our scheduled 1 hr remote conversation commences, in which we discuss the questionnaire and what it has revealed from an emotional standpoint.
    • We evaluate how and what make be blocking you and your work, as well as your goals... and then we explore opportunities and directions that might set you free.
  • Step Four - A detailed email is prepared and sent, in which gJ's notes from our chat—including key themes & homework—as well as references and links for you to reflect on will be included. You will also  some other secret stuff to inspire you - giving you permission to operate in better alignment with yourself and your vision for your work.

Fine  PRint - 

  • Book a Conversation whenever you want or need to: no long-term retainer or contracts.

  • Gretchen’s availability is released quarterly.  

  • Please note: No shows and cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged 50%. 48 hours cancellation notice is required for refunds.

PLEASE NOTE: Critical Conversations are offered via phone or skype (or face-to-face in NYC.)