Gretchen Jones Business Consultant

Don’t get me wrong—leveling up is great, but it’s usually single minded, like grinding through pilates every day while continuing to eat like shit. I’m about addressing your whole person, as a human being, as soul, and especially as a creative living in a world full of possibility AND road blocks. I take a holistic approach because I know that compartmentalized success isn’t fulfilling and certainly doesn’t feed your soul—I’ve been there, done that, and it wasn’t everything it’s cracked up to be...because that lifestyle is about checking boxes, leveling up and not being connected to your higher purpose - personally, creatively, professionally. (Check out my story for more.) That compromised version of success didn’t let me live my values—let alone live the lifestyle I desired—in a way that made me proud to be who I am and how I operate, or feel good about what I did for a living.

So here’s the difference between leveling up (what other coaches do) and elevating (what I do): Elevating is directly connected to a more meaningful and feeling version of sustainability. It is rooted in living a life where your values and happiness not only set you free, but become your north star- guiding us through how we work & create, just like we do (or should) in the rest of our lives. Elevating is all-inclusive, which means bringing altruism into your operation, improving how you move and fulfill your mission in the world. Elevating means bringing your humanity into our work. Finding, and embracing the human side of [creative] business connects us with who we are, what we create, and what we most want to do.


Because living an ignited and inspired life means being willing to connect holistically to an emotional, physical, social, spiritual, environmental, economic, and political methodology rooted in sustainability. Elevating is about living a life ‘in service of’ - more than you and your ego.

Soooooo, what the hell does that actually mean? I help my clients create and keep the bigger picture in mind, because holistically integrating our values into our work, striving to find real contentment and stability is not only important, but a special part of being a human being—and I know it’s not easy while managing the day-to-day realities of running a business, fighting for your creative vision at your day job, etc. The easiest way of articulating my work is this - I think of myself as a nutritionist for your creative/professional life—we’ll address specific problems while looking after your overall business/creative/professional health to ensure you feel great about your mission this month, this year, and in the long haul.


If you’re seeking to adapt or align the life you’re living with where you really want to be, my spiritual and empathetic approach may be just the ticket. If you are in need of support in understanding how to redefine, adapt and align your goals with the life you are already—and quite literally living—with where you really want to be - I'm just the ticket. And if you’re aim is to let go of ALL the shitty cultural dogmas that tell us that we’re really only successful if we end up rich and famous... rather than content and stable - I’ve got you, truly.

“Lost,” “confused,” and “conflicted” are words I hear over and over when people explain why they want to work with me.

My clients are creatives, because living a creative life means living a life full of ideation, disruption and innovation—at any point in their careers/lives who want to make their humanity and values the keys to how they operate. The result of our work together is a stable launch pad for happiness—whateverthefuck that means to you and you alone—and a feeling of purpose, because that’s what I’m all about, believe in and am in the pursuit of too.