Together, we’ll redesign how you operate and think about yourself creatively AND professionally. And yes, we’ll also grow your bottom line, salary, blah blah blah.


My mission-based approach is as much about efficiency as it is about meaningfulness; the more aligned you are with your purpose, the more efficiently and cost-effectively you’ll operate and create for yourself AND others. Most consultants in this space only engage with the so-called ‘business side’, but I believe that kind of bifurcation is shortsighted, even harmful—and potentially even irrelevant in our times. We need whole people leading whole businesses, if there’s any hope of getting out of the HOLES we’re all finding ourselves in.

That’s why we’ll evaluate the emotional and human sides of your business/creative work/profession, in addition to reflecting on the nitty gritty (i.e. the operational, financial, industry limitations & opportunities in front of you). When you have happy people who know where they’re going and understand their purpose within your team/business/partnerships—when YOU are happy and understand the purpose of your work, business etc—that’s when things will start clicking.


Our time together will help you:

  • Ignite your vision

  • Live a more meaningful and creative life

  • Find more pride and happiness in your work

  • Integrate meaningfulness into your practice

  • Determine where you really want to be personally and professionally

  • Create a business/profession that has longevity—true sustainability

  • Evolve the way you operate and think about yourself, your business, etc.

  • Define a mission statement/north star that will guide you and your work

  • Understand your beliefs and if they’re working for OR against you

  • Identify and understand the social, ecological, and economic impacts of your professional practice

  • Achieve greater financial stability/success

  • Remove cultural dogmas holding back your practice/purpose

  • Align your mode of operating more holistically with your value systems

  • Create an empowered roadmap for yourself and your business/profession

  • Embrace your truest self and reflect that in your work