Why level up when you can elevate?

Creatives need help with business; businesses need help empowering the creatives that work for and with them. Collectively, we can bridge the gap by bringing all of ourselves to bear on what we do and how we do it.  

Living an ignited and inspired life means connecting holistically to the emotional, physical, spiritual—as well as engaging with the social, environmental, economic, and political impacts of our decisions.

Let's work on building more meaningful approaches to sustainability; let's work on being more human both personally and professionally.

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“Working with Gretchen was an A+++ experience. She doesn't hold your hand as much as she empowers you to hold it yourself. Her encouraging and fierce fact and action based methods helped to push me in the direction I needed for my business and my creative self to thrive. She is an expert in seeing and cultivating the soul of sustainability, fashion, branding, and design. Which in this fast paced world, makes all the difference.” 

Emily Katz, founder, 

"Gretchen’s spent years gaining diverse experience in the fashion industry - both designing under her own name as well as for well known brands. That experience alone makes her a useful resource for many, but her continued education and research projects have broadened her knowledge into areas that most designers and professionals don’t have the time and commitment to explore. Gretchen has taken herself out of the creative role, in order to study ways in which designers and creatives can approach the fashion and creative worlds with a more focused eye toward business, and toward defining and achieving the goals that are important to themselves and their specific businesses, rather than what looks good on paper or in Instagram."

Jessica Taft Langdon, founder, The Palatines