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"Gretchen Jones is the business Doula. We had two [critical conversation] sessions, but even after the first I felt more invigorated and inspired than I have in a long time to really look at my business practice/ethos head-on and make some shifts to drop into my authenticity as a creator and entrepreneur.So much was packed into just that hour- coming from all the angles (spiritual, emotional, economical, social, environmental, physical…). I was surprised to see how much came up for me emotionally- as well as Gretchen’s intuitive powers that were very apparent. I think she did an incredible job translating and highlighting the themes that were acting as boundaries and obstacles for me (from both what I had written and spoken). It’s been a few months since our conversation and I am still digesting, processing, and working with the material in a potent way that feels nourishing and growth oriented. I look forward to partaking in more Critical Conversations in the nearish future."
  – Amelia Davis, Two Hands Full


Critical Conversations are one-on-one consultation sessions, available à la carte. This offering is for people at any point in their career—or circumstances—who need a check in to succinctly evaluate their circumstances and position.

Our appointments are approached with immediacy and emotion in mind. Clarity, strategy, and truth-telling are what you’ll get—through and with me—as our goal is helping you create self-actualized change. Get yourself motivated and engaged in new ways, and walk away feeling inspired and motivated, one conversation at a time.

Bring a deck for me to review or bring a horoscope reading that’s been on your mind—I’ll use any starting point to get to the real source of your problem or align on your immediate goals.

These talks are a safe space to explore anything from the unsophisticated and sloppy side of being an entrepreneur or creative professional to working on benchmarks and building a roadmap to success.



We meet virtually, as needed—if you’re in NYC, in-person meetings are possible.

  • My books open one month in advance for Critical Conversations.
  • You schedule each session individually.
  • Critical Conversations consist of shoot-from-the-hip engagements with me one hour at a time.