What we specialize in:

Strategic Offerings

Defining strategic [creative] directions and support making key decisions, through strategic planning, growth identification (organic and inorganic), future scenario planning, new market strategy, and competitive strategy.


Competitive Analysis

What’s going on in the W/S industry as whole?


Existing and emerging market review.

  • Value Propositions
  • Taglines
  • Visual Identities


Opportunities to expand and redefine:

  • Who is organization selling to?
  • What’s happening demographically with organizations’s customers?
  • Existing and emerging market review.

Opportunity Territories

What does everything we’ve learned mean for BA?


Future-minded reflection and projection

  • Defining pathways forward, focused on:
    • Evolving Marketplaces
    • What do you ‘own’ in customers’ minds?
    • What could it own in the future?
    • What are the implications for how your brand looks, feels, and communicates?

AUDIT - Existing Strategy, Coms and Messaging

  • Brand Communications & Messaging Strategy Audit
  • Character & Tone
  • Points of Differentiation (PoDs)
  • Define what brand/Company uniquely owns in a customer’s psyche Differentiated Context Definition

Crafting a Holistic, Actionable Brand Strategy

Examine existing engagements and strategies, both articulated and tacit, for opportunities and weaknesses.

  • North Star: What informs the brand’s reason to exist and how it behaves?
  • Purpose: Why the brand exists, expressed as a single, essential defining statement.
  • Beliefs: What the brand stands for, expressed as a series of short declarative statements.
  • Mission: Mission statement expressing not only what Brand stands for now, but where the company is going.

Communications Strategy

Define evolving value proposition[s]


Create and define directions [per platform] aimed at growing Brand awareness and followers as well as engagement.


Messaging: What story can your business ‘own’ and grow?

Maximizing Content: Holistic, 360 degree approach to all messaging (review & define)

Touchpoints: Understanding your reach now & in the future

Engagement: Rubrics for measuring success… and how to maintain momentum.