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Why? Because I'm a creative too. I want to help creatives make business—our professional selves—work for us, personally and professionally. Whether within our own companies or in the work we create for others, creativity will always be vital for evolution and growth.

 Ready for more? Come   join my revolution   for creatives.

Ready for more? Come join my revolution for creatives.

First things first: you might recognize me from many years of deeply engaged social media interaction, but more likely from season eight of Project Runway. But I’ve done and accomplished so many things before and since then, including winning other awards and achieving other dreams. In 2012 I was a GenArt Fresh Face in Fashion inductee, and in 2014 I achieved what was my ultimate dream, becoming a bonafide fashion director.

Manifestation has never been a challenge for me. WHAT I want to manifest has been, which leads me to where I am now.


Even with my dream title, I found that I wasn’t fulfilled like I had hoped to be. The priorities of my job weren’t aligned with how I really roll—and lots of creative-minded friends seemed to be in similar situations. What we envisioned for ourselves just may be in direct conflict w/ the choices we’ve made for ourselves professionally. This led to a major realization: titles are meaningless if they don’t fulfill you beyond fleshing out your resume; neither do big followings on platforms we do not own.

I spent time thinking about what I really wanted to contribute to the world, and found more and more it wasn’t another fashion collection. How creatives do what we do has always fascinated me, and leading a large team for a big company taught me a lot about the disconnects between “business” and “creative” in the so-called creative industries. I experienced first-hand how creativity, humanity, and purpose get stifled in traditional business settings and saw an opportunity to be a guide—if not voice—for creatives on a broader spectrum, to help them empower ourselves in ways that serve more than just ourselves. I wanted to change the way creativity and business interact, and that’s how I ended up with an MBA from the London College of Fashion. Now, with my fancy degree in hand and 15+ years of real-world professional creative experience and awards under my belt- 

 I’m offering a new kind of service, where traditional business consulting meets leadership coaching meets therapy for creatives.


This is to say I believe we need to put effort into making sure our work engages us professionally AND personally, that subscribing to a singular version of success fails all of us, and that following the path of ‘what we’re supposed to do’ won’t push us to become our best selves—that’s bullshit—but rather our truest self.

So let’s work together on how value systems work in your business or professional pursuit[s]. Let’s integrate what you truly believe in, comprehensively, throughout ALL of your work. Let’s figure out operations, creative and marketing in terms of triple (or quadruple!) bottom lines—sustainability isn’t about saving the environment, but so much more.

I’m thrilled to be working with entrepreneurs and business leaders of all kinds. I’ve taken my message around the world, speaking at summits like SxSW, lecturing at universities like Princeton and Columbia and a talking at a slew of museums, outdoor amphitheaters and even a cruise ship in between. I’ve consulted with clients from Charlotte Stone to Converse, The Palatines to REI. My writing, ideas and work have been featured in The Business of Fashion, WWD, The New York Times,, Refinery29, Elle, Lucky, Marie Claire, Nylon, Glamour, New York Magazine, and many others.